About our HD Cameraman

Rob Scheeren

What defines a good production company? Others in the industry would like to make you believe that it is all about the technology. Although there is no argument against the need for cutting edge equipment, what really defines the quality of any production company is the talent of those who operate that equipment.

Rob Scheeren, Cameraman and Director of Photography is the owner and operator of HD images, had a vision to build a company that is dedicated not only to the business of video production, but to the art of it. Not just a businessman, his 20 years of experience, as well as his world-renowned recognition, is what drives the excellence of each project undertaken. Specializing in shooting sporting events, corporate video, lifestyle, observational documentary as well as music video and entertainment, HD Images is a full service production company with the ambition and experience to deliver the highest quality customized product for their clients.

Based in Sydney Australia, HD Images production videos span worldwide, servicing clients from around the globe. The talent of Rob Scheeren is enhanced by the most innovative and high technologically advanced equipment in the industry. Believing that it is the totality of any experience that brings the images to life, there are no conditions that can dissuade him and his staff from capturing the excitement with vigor and professionalism. Underwater, in the air, second camera, or high-intensity shooting are all things that are within the realm of what they do.

A fully customizable experience, they know that it is yours. Catering to your wants and desires is what motivates his staff. Listening closely to what it is that you want, they won’t let their own creativity overpower your aspirations. Continue to tweak, reshoot, and enhance any product until it is exactly what their clients thirst for, satisfaction is always guaranteed. HD Image’s talent and creativity, combined with their client’s style, produces the most outstanding artifact that will live on in infamy.

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