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HD Images is owned and operated by Rob Scheeren, a highly experienced and motivated, award winning cameraman/editor with over 20 years experience in a variety of styles of television production. Rob's experience lies in shooting Lifestyle, Sport, observational documentary, entertainment, as well as Corporate, News and Current Afairs. Rob is also a full member of the Australian Cinematographers Society

Based in Sydney Australia, We specialize in Broadcast Television Production, Corporate Video and Post Production editing. We shoot primarily on our new Sony HD XDCAM PDWF800 Camera and the smaller but no less impressive Sony EX-1 and EX-3 XDCAM EX Camera's. Just in we also have the new GoPro Hero HD Camera for remote, underwater or second camera shooting (more info in the blog). We also have Digital Betacam, Betacam SP and Sony Z1 camera's on board, so whatever your requirement in terms of format, we can cater to your needs.

Editing is done in the Studio suite or remotely on location using the latest 17" MacBook Pro cutting on either Final Cut Pro or Avid, with the ability to upload to an FTP client. We also have a wide range of production equipment that can be seen in the equipment tab.

If you're looking for fresh new ideas for your next production or project, we would love to hear from you


My love for capturing images started more than 35 years ago when I was no more than 5 years old. My parents gave me an old Kodak box brownie camera which I still have. I shot countless rolls of 620 film with this camera, it was point and shoot with a waist level viewfinder, fixed focus and exposure. When I was older I moved on through different cameras including 110 film size instamatics and a Kodak Disc camera till I was handed down my fathers old Kodak Retina 35mm camera with a folding bellows lens. When I reached High School, I studied Photography and I learnt all the basics of depth of field, optics and exposure.

I continued through to Year 11 and 12 choosing Photography and Art as elective subjects with Photography being my major work for my final year. During this time I bought my own 35mm Film Camera, an old Nikkormat FTN with a 50mm prime lens and a long zoom lens. I used it for many years. I also started my first home black and white darkroom in the bowels of my parents house doing my own film processing and printing. I moved onto a Canon A1, then a Nikon F3 HP with a standard Nikon f1.4 lens…that was nice. I moved onto medium format with a Mamiya 645 and then a Pentax 6X7 Camera. This camera gave me incredible results with so much detail and tonal range. I have since moved into the digital realm and now use a Canon 5D full frame, digital SLR camera, with Canon L series lenses and have not looked back.

My first job out of school was in a prolab in Sydney, where I learnt the D & P process... hanging 130 rolls of film in an hour on a gantree dip and dunk machine, printing, enlargements and couriering photos to other labs in Sydney for same day service prints. After this I got my first job in the television industry at Channel 10 working in the videotape library. From here I went to Channel Nine where I would stay for almost 10 years, working my way through the network and learning to become a news cameraman. I started with Television New Zealand in 1995 working in the Sydney Bureau covering such events as the Olympics, the Port Arthur & Thredbo tragedies, and overseas stories in South Africa, the South Pacific, New Guinea, Indonesia, even Antarctica.

I left TVNZ in 2003 and now work as a Freelance lighting cameraman shooting on the new XDCAM formats, Digital Betacam, and HDV formats and editing on Avid and FCP. I still enjoy photography in my spare time but my main focus is now in television production. I am loving the merge of video with stills cameras in the shape of the Canon 5D and 7D cameras and look forward to working more andmore with the that medium. I have travelled the world in search of places and images that inspire me, places that are unique, different and nothing like I've seen before. From far flung places like Nepal, Prague and Cairo to my beautiful home town of Sydney which I love with a passion. I enjoy shooting sunrises and sunsets, beaches, landscapes, nature, sports or anything that looks unique and different, images that capture the time, the energy & most of all, the moment.

I hope you enjoy my site and thank you for looking


Rob Scheeren
Lighting Cameraman

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